Our mobile shredding truck can be a cost effective solution, and has advantages over traditional methods. NO FUEL SURCHARGE.

In-house shredders require initial capital outlay, employee time, valuable office space, utilities and regular professional maintenance. They are slow, dusty and noisy. Furthermore, you are still faced with disposing of the residual waste.

Pick up and destroy services (cannot guarantee) confidentiality, as materials are transported to another location and typically sorted in whole, original form prior to processing. Some data types may be retained several weeks before destruction. You must trust the hauler, and his employees, to safeguard your confidentiality.

Charges are based on container size. No volume is too small, or too large. Larger volumes enjoy discounted prices based on accessibility, type, and amount of material.

Shred on the Run destroys your unwanted data on site, in sight, with a custom designed truck equipped with a high power industrial shredder. A video camera allows for inspection as the shredding process take place.

The system is designed to handle a variety of material. Paper, plastic, computer printouts, microfiche, film, diskettes, magnetic tape, even three ring binders. There is no need to sort material types, remove staples, clips or other bindings.

Confidentiality is ensured. No material leaves your site in readable form. Our uniformed employees will transfer your consoled material to the truck, and it will be destroyed immediately at your location without anyone handling your data. We encourage you, or one of your employees, to observe the entire process.

Once material has been shredded, it is compacted in the rear of the mobile unit. Later, all materials are baled at our secure office in West Nashville. The baled paper is trucked to a company that recycles the shredded paper into useful products, giving the paper a second life. Your paper is not shipped to a recycling company that will house the material until they have enough for a truck load.